Hydrocart Specifications

FRAME/CHASSIS: Handmade custom built solid hardwood frame/chassis. Oak is standard –Other wood choices available by special order request and subject to availability.

PLANT CAPACITY: Up to 80 plants based on tray top configurations (40-80 in increments of ten).

HYDROCART DIMENSIONS: (Approximate) 50 ½” Long (left to right) X 29 ½” Wide (front to back) X 75” High (with canopy (removable) attached).

GROW TRAY: 43 ½” Long X 25 ¾” Wide X 6 ¾” Deep.

LIGHTING (STANDARD): Spectralux T5 high output dual spectrum fluorescents (8 Bulbs) Blue: 6500K Red: 3000K. HID and LED available as special order options.

PUMP: 950 Gallon/Hour Mag Drive (3 Year warranty)

RESERVOIR: 20 Gallon Capacity heavy duty (drinking water grade).

RESERVOIR HEATER: 200Watt Stainless Steel with remote sensor and external thermostat.

TIMER: 120V/60Hz 10 AMP load. 30 min. interval. 1000W capacity.

WHEELS: Heavy duty lockable castors (Removable for semi-permanent placement).