Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I grow in my Hydrocart™?
A: Basically, everything that you could grow in dirt (aromatic and flavorful herbs, beautiful vigorous flowers, tasty vegetables, and healthy houseplants). Root crops such as potatoes, carrots, and radishes etc. are the exception, given the limited space for hard root formation in the grow tray.

Q: Where is the soil?
A: There is no soil. The Hydrocart™ is a state of the art Aeroponic gardening unit. The plants within it are literally suspended in midair and bathed and massaged with a highly oxygenated nutrient rich hydroponic solution, thereby eliminating the need for soil to support the plants and provide nutrients. This makes the hydrocart™ an ideal solution to the mess associated with indoor soil gardening.

Q: How often do I need to water the plants in my Hydrocart™?
A: Never. The Hydrocart’s™ built-in high volume nutrient delivery system takes care of this chore for you by making water and nutrients available to your plants 24/7. This is part of the magic that makes the plants in the Hydrocart grow 3 times faster than conventional soil gardening.

Q: How often do I need to fertilize the plants in my Hydrocart™?
A: Never. Again, this chore is handled by your Hydrocart. Nutrients are made available to your plants 24/7. The plants take up only as much as they can use and the rest are recycled back into the sealed system reservoir for later use. The result is nearly 100% efficiency in the use of both water and nutrients.

Q: Can I root cuttings in my Hydrocart™?
A: This is one of the many areas where the Hydrocart™ has NO RIVAL! Rooting cuttings in the Hydrocart could not be easier, faster, or more consistently successful! You will be absolutely thrilled with the results. We guarantee it!

Q: Can I germinate seeds in my Hydrocart™?
A: Absolutely! Simply insert a seed (or a few seeds) in a germination plug provided with your Hydrocart™ (or another of your own choosing), drop it into a grow station, and let the Hydrocart™ handle the rest.

Q: Can I start my seeds in the Hydrocart™ and then transplant them into potting soil or outside in the ground?
A: Yes. Absolutely. Simply remove it from the grow station of your Hydrocart™ and plant it….it’s as easy as that.

Q: How often do I need to change the nutrient solution in the reservoir?
A: In terms of actually emptying and refilling, generally once every 8-10 weeks or so. Between changes you can simply “top off” your water and nutrient levels according to the instructions provided.

Q: What kind of maintenance will I need to perform on my Hydrocart™?
A: Other than nutrient reservoir changes every 8-10 weeks of use, very little….Wipe any nutrient salts buildup off of the tray tops and frame and remove fallen leaves and vegetation etc