The Legacy Hydrocart

A Portable, Self-contained, Handicap Accessible, Hydroponic Gardening Unit. (Patent No. US Des. 606,773)

How would you like to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs year-round and indoors with very little time or effort? Would you also like to grow your plants up to 3 times faster than traditional dirt gardens? Legacy Hydroponics has the solution for you! It’s called the Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics.

The Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics is a state of the art, portable, indoor, and entirely soil-less hydroponic gardening unit. Self-watering, self-fertilizing, self-lighting, and capable of achieving growth rates up to 3 times faster than traditional dirt gardening. Painstakingly hand crafted from solid hard wood, the Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics is a beautiful and functional addition to any indoor environment such as homes, restaurants, schools, elder care facilities, etc.

Benefits and features of the Legacy Hydrocart:

  • Portable: With heavy duty lockable wheels and removable canopy, your Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics can be easily transported throughout your home, office, or facility. Moving the unit aside for cleaning couldn’t be easier.
  • Self-contained: Full spectrum lighting, water, nutrients, and a cozy place to call home – everything your flowers, herbs, and vegetables need to grow and thrive – it’s all here in the Legacy Hydrocart.
  • Handicap Accessible: Your new Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics has been designed and crafted with the mobility impaired gardener in mind. Our exclusive “slimline” nutrient reservoir allows for ample leg room providing wheelchair access from either side! For the able bodied gardener, whether standing or sitting, you’ll love the ease of use that has been engineered into the gorgeous hand-made Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics.
  • Hydroponic: The genius and technology of your Legacy Hydrocart is found here. The Hydrocart by Legacy Hydroponics is a state of the art dirtless garden. It employs the most dynamic form of hydroponic technique – Aeroponics! With Legacy’s ultra-high volume (950 gallons/hour (recycled)) nutrient solution delivery system and 42 aeroponic fine spray nozzles, your gardens root zone is constantly bathed and massaged in a ph balanced nutrient-rich solution providing for greatly accelerated, maximum plant growth and vigor. It really is up to 3 times faster than conventional dirt gardening – and without all the mess associated with indoor dirt gardening.
  • Gardening Unit: Whether having an ultra-fresh herb garden at your fingertips for those special culinary preparations, starting your outdoor vegetable garden in a dirtless, hassle-free environment, or propagating your favorite houseplants and flowers for yourself or your family and friends, the Legacy Hydrocart makes it all so easy, clean, and worry-free! —and its FUN!